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We can build pretty much anything...

Web app anyone?

The word applications or 'apps' gets thrown around a lot these days and has become synonymous with the mobile space.

While many "web applications" are built to run on a mobile phone, "apps" are not unique to this environment.

Web apps are simply websites that contain customised, functional outcomes that help you or your visitors get stuff done.

Ideally (in this day and age) they would run on all devices from desktop through to tablet and mobile.

Let's look at some examples...

Do you need to allow your sales people to update their targets while on the road? Maybe you need to map their whereabouts? We can make a web app for that!

Do you want an automated survey sent to your clients on a given day each quarter? How about a reporting tool to audit the responses? And a voucher to thank them for their time? We can make a web app for that!

Maybe you want to sell a needle in a haystack to folks depending on their birthday...and let people submit their own haystacks for sale, but only on Tuesdays between 3pm and 4pm, and then allow others to review these the style of a haiku poem (we could validate for that..)? You got yourself a web app!

Well that last one is a bit out there, but the point is, we can build just about anything you can think of (in fact we have probably built it already.

Karmabunny can also enhance your web application by developing custom integrations with other online software via APIs.

Read more about API integrations.

WCAG compliance

You like to browse the web right?
What if you had colour-blindness or some other visual impairment, or if your motor skills weren't as you might wish?
You would still like to browse the web, yeah?

Good Website accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent access to websites by people with disabilities.

[thank you wikipedia for that beautiful, concise definition]

The primary standard of accessibility on the web currently is WCAG 2.0 as outlined by the kind folk at W3C. We have been doing a lot of work in this area lately, as a lot of our Government clients have mandatory compliance levels and an increasing number of private entities are pushing towards attaining good accessibility levels.

If you would like to make sure that your website meets modern accessibility standards, give us a call or read about our website audit program.

Coding Languages

Our primary coding platform is PHP and MySQL. This open source language set is the most popular combination on the planet when developing feature rich websites and with good reason:

  • It has many built in features aimed specifically at quick and stable website development
  • It is regularly updated and maintained
  • It has a passionate and dedicated user base constantly contributing new features
  • It is easy to host and does not rely on proprietary software (hello Microsoft..)

Other languages and frameworks that we eat for breakfast include:

  • Javascript (with jquery, node.js and bootstrap for the bling)
  • Java
  • Soap
  • XML

We love building web applications. The more complex the better as far as we're concerned.

For more on this see our discussion on API integrations, including Xero and RMS APIs.

What our clients are saying

I love that I can go to the Karmabunny team with an idea and know that no matter how complex it is, they will be able to turn it into a reality.

Want to get webby with us?

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