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Did we mention that we love the web?

It's worth a mention that before we dive into design and even lay a pixel on the page we believe the first step in any online project involves a hearty chunk of consultation and planning to ensure that all your needs and expectations are met. Getting to know you and your organisation helps our ability to make suggestions and strategise the best use of our diverse services, which in turn, guarantees the success of the project.

Website design

Our talented graphic designers have a knack for creating intuitive and engaging website designs. We generally like to opt for a less in more approach, allowing the content to shine and users to easily find what they’re after.

We listen to what you need to convey and design with a mindset which focuses on the goals users will want to achieve when visiting your new site.

We’re equally at home creating an entirely new look and feel from scratch or building upon your existing branding and marketing collateral to create a website that truly reflects your organisations personality and style aesthetics.

Whether we’re designing for desktop-only resolutions, responsive sites which bend and morph for desktop, tablet and mobile devices or purely for mobile, we’ll always approach each and every website design with a blank canvas and a new set of pixels.

Website construction

Constructing a website can be done in many different ways, but we only know one - by hand, and strictly conforming to a set of standards as laid out by W3C (the folks that know best).

Ensuring that such standards are maintained helps your website in many ways:

  • It will be indexed properly by Google (and other search engines)
  • It will be easier to maintain and update
  • It will load faster
  • It will be more accessible to visitors with disabilities (read on about WCAG compliance)
  • It will be available across more devices

Frankly we are not sure why anyone would choose a website development agency that didn't build websites in this way.


What our clients are saying

I love that I can go to the Karmabunny team with an idea and know that no matter how complex it is, they will be able to turn it into a reality.

Want to get webby with us?

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