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Becoming one of Karmabunny's most popular services, our website audits focus on 2 primary areas:

  • The accessibility of your website and it's content
  • The security of your website's code and the infrastructure that it resides on

Each audit report has been created by gathering data from a number of different testing and penetration tools and aggregating it into an easy to digest and actionable format.

WCAG accessibility compliance

The goal of creating an accessible website is one that all site owners should strive towards. The set of standards known as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) were developed by the good folk at W3C with the goal of "...providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organisations, and governments internationally".

Endorsed by both the Australian Federal and State Governments for all of their websites, WCAG 2.0 compliance has varying degrees, the core being A - AAA where AAA is the best possible level of accessibility. Reaching level 'A' however is a great starting point and something that everyone should attain as a minimum standard on their website.

Karmabunny have developed a variety of auditing reporting tools designed to help you easily identify any issues on your site and map your way to compliance.

If issues are discovered, Karmabunny can help you to sort them out and bring you up to speed with this recognised global standard.

For more information on the WCAG standards visit the Web Accessibility Initiative website.


The security of your website and the web server that serves up your pages is of paramount importance to maintain your user's privacy and trust and to ensure that your brand is not compromised.

Our security assessments measure how your website and hosting platform stands up against current recommended security practices.

All aspects of the server and the software should be checked for potential vulnerabilities against attacks. This includes the operating system, web server software, database software and website codebase.

Ideally all would be properly secured and hardened, as any of these applications may be used for an attack vector by a malicious third-party.

Our audit includes (but is not limited to) testing for:

  • Current vulnerabilities like "Heartbleed"
  • CRLF Injection and SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Port configuration issues
  • Potentially dangerous files

Contact Darren at Karmabunny to discuss your security and accessibility needs and to set up an audit.

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