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Xero email templating add-on

So, I have recently moved all in on Xero for my accounting and invoicing needs and I was pretty stunned to find that when xero sends my clients an email with the latest invoice it looked absolutely rubbish.
Like almost to the point of looking like spam!

On further investigation I found that Xero only sends out text emails with no opportunity for a user to add a logo or any sort of style at all. I was further dumbfounded when I then read an Official Xero Response to the complaints (just this year):

"At this stage, we're not planning to add in email templates that are customisable using HTML."

Anyhow, we care about how our brand comes across to clients, so we are going to build a Xero add-on to enable any Xero user to ensure that they will always look good when sending out emails from Xero. 

If you are interested in knowing more about this, fill in the short form below and we will keep you up to date as it is developed.

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